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Who We Are

Karsten Advisors is a second generation family-owned firm that boasts more than three decades of experience assisting clients and serving every aspect of their financial lives. The firm is renowned for its straight forward approach and personal touch. The team, consisting of Certified Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents & other experienced team members courteously & professionally offer clients a host of services specially suited to individual needs. We strive to know you, your goals & your aspirations so we can create a comprehensive plan designed to address what's important in your life.


Investment portfolios are developed using a strategy known as asset allocation. This approach involves investment across different asset classes. As a client, we will impart to you our thoughts on investing and current asset categories to consider.


When creating a prudent mix of investments, it is vitally important to consider your financial objectives, your attitude toward risk and your age. We will identify and provide you with a broadly diversified portfolio that matches your unique goals. We will also monitor your investments to match your evolving needs. We will work diligently to be your trusted advisor.


Whether you are nearing retirement, or simply planning for that future goal, Karsten Advisors can help you answer these questions.